The Ice Factor – Kinlochleven

A perfect place to head for when the weather is less than perfect, (it can happen – even on your holiday!) The Ice Factor is an indoor climbing centre which is great for experienced climbers and people who have never tried it before. Instructors are available for ‘taster’ sessions as well as individual/group specific instruction. For those who are experienced a sign yourself in fairly standard disclaimer form allows you to use the facilities. Part of the centre – again bookable is a 12 metres high frozen ice wall/ice cave that gives people the opportunity to try something new. It is very cool to walk in from the car park in the middle of summer, put on some winter boots and crampons grab a couple of ice axes and get on the ice. Currently the ice wall is the largest indoor ice wall in the world and just 7 miles from the guest house.

Outside there is a high wire obstacle course where all ages can test their nerves harnessed in to be safe but still with the potential for some vertigo wobbles!

The centre also has an outdoor clothing store which is great for gearing up on things that might have been forgotten when packing.

A cafe is located at the far end and a staircase takes you up to a mezzanine level which has comfortable seating and is always less busy than downstairs. It’s a great place to get in and out of the rain, catch up with emails from home or just relax.